Every season tune into this rotating gallery

of six curated clips of fiber artists from

around the world, past & present,

sharing their work, life, & techniques 

Summer 2021:

  • The Saga of Macramé Park - Alexandra Jacopetti Hart

  • Radical Acts: The Making of Funk & Flash by Alexandra Jacopetti Hart - OMCA

  • Natural Dyeing from Plant/Vegetable Scraps

  • Women of the Counterculture: Summer of Love De Young Museum Talk

  • Sheila Hicks - Thread, Trees, River

  • Sheila Hicks - Pillar of Inquiry 

  • Art Works Podcast: with National Heritage Fellow Carolyn Mazloomi

  • Spirit of the Cloth - Our Ohio interview with Carolyn Mazloomi

  • Profile of Cambodian Textile Art with Kikuo Morimoto

  • Fabric Sculptures by Benjamin Shine

  • Bubble Wrap Paintings by Bradley Hart

  • Recycled Huipiles: Unraveling Traditions?