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Wovenutopia is a project by Lise Silva Gomes, based out of Berkeley, CA.  She photographs and interviews artists for studio visits, reviews books, hosts community events, and designs and manages this site in addition to her own work as a fiber artist, with the help of assistant Vanessa Indries.  To see her personal work, you can view her site here.

Labor creating and managing the site, in addition to site fees can be costly.  Any support you might be interested in offering for the maintenance and growth of the site would be greatly appreciated and invested into expanding this community.  Donations would be invested into creating more content, travel for studio visits outside of the Bay Area, buying books to review, hosting free & low-cost community events,  and expanding staff. 

Have a question?  Like to contact one of the women featured?  Like to suggest an artist to be featured?  Have a correction or suggestion?  Email me! 

Have a broader question for the community or have someone more general you'd like to reach?  Use the forum! 

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