Craft & Practice Club

Updated: Oct 27, 2018

In the interest of some weird synchronicity going on in my instagram mentions today, now seems a good time to introduce something that’s been stewing in my brain for a while: Craft & Practice is about community conversation, and that’s something the ‘zine version is missing. It’s a guide that’s a culmination of years of private conversations, but it feels static, it feels authoritative, it feels... incomplete... unless it invites open dialogue. Weekly I get tagged on conversations where people are coping with or debating creative ethics & seem to want a specific place to discuss the plethora of issues that falls under its umbrella. I want to keep adding to the zine & honing it, but to do so I got to get out of my head, & my friend bubble, and offer it up to the ether. While I think we’re all waiting for the best platform to do this kind of discussion, this Instagram thing is the best we’ve got. So, every week or two I’d like to open up about the finer points of Craft & Practice with you, right here, & sometimes with real (anonymous) stories from my life, my friends’ lives, and others’. Have a story or question you’d like to anonymously share and get community feedback on? Spill your guts at I can’t promise that I’ll share every story or inquiry, but those that will be shared will be 100% anonymous & every story (including those of my friends’ whose old laundry I’m airing, haha) will be shared with their consent. So join us on this journey that will be like a book club except you don’t have to read 1,000 pages of War & Peace to join the conversation... Maybe just... say... a 60 pg ‘zine? You can snag a copy of the Craft & Practice booklet in my webshop if you’d like a reference of what we’re discussing. Now that the ‘zine is printed & proceeds are for charity (there’s a list in the back of the orgs), I’m considering removing the free pdf that’s on my site to funnel more cash into charity. The current print edition of Craft & Practice benefits an indigenous charity Re-member.Org First community topic coming later this week: Synchronicity: Twin Spirit or Copy cat? 👯‍♀️ Send your story or question to me at

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