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The book covers work made by Dina Knapp

Jean Williams Cacicedo

Janet Lipkin

Marika Contompasis

Sharron Hedges

Norma Mikowitz

Sheila Perez

K Lee Manuel

Ana Lis Hestrom

Ina Kozel

Marian Clayton 

and many, many more.

This is an essential book to have in any fiber art collection.  Unlike many other fiber books, this one is a heavy large hardcover with big, crisp photos of each piece and nearly every turn filled with page-sized photography.  As much as adore the 70s era fiber books, it is really hard to see the details of the pieces due to the page texture and often grainy photos.  This book brings an 80s glossy and minimal fashion spread approach to pieces of an older era which is refreshing to see for a reader who likes to analyze the details of the pieces. 

Due to pure magic, I bought my copy online used and it happened to be signed by the author.  Receiving that book 5 years ago felt like an omen to make this very site come into fruition.

Art To Wear

by Julie Schafler Dale

hardcover, 1986 pp 319

Cross River Press

The Artwear bible, this big glossy coffee table book was published in 1986, written by Julie Schafler Dale, an instrumental supporter of the art wear scene and owner of Julie: Artisans Gallery in New York which carried much of the one-of-kind and limited run pieces. After years of studying traditional art, she explains in the preface, she finally admitted her true passion was in costume and began exploring pieces that bridged the gap between fine art and wearable clothing.  In 1973, she opened her Artisan's Gallery to showcase these exquisite garments carrying pieces that ranged from antique costume to limited edition wearables.  

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